Not Sure What Class To Take? 

StarDancers Offers A Variety Of Wonderful,
Fun-Filled, Exciting Classes To Choose From!

From Tiny Tots or Technical Ballet to Cheer and Dance Teams, We Have A Class For You!

Ages 2 1/2 - Adult!     Girls and Boys!

 Dance/Cheer/Tumbling Combo Classes: 
Fun, non-technical style dance, cheerleading technique-chants, pyramid building, and basic to advanced floor tumbling-gymnastics.  Leotards, t-shirts, tanks, crop tops, most any “movable” top and shorts, sweat suits movable “work-out” clothing may be worn.    Tennis/Aerobic type shoes are preferred.   Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers may be required for recital/class.


Cheer Team 
Performance/Competition Teams: 
Teams will perform at various 
community events and competitions.  
A uniform/costume is required along with various other team items.  Class material will determine dress attire.
Stars Cheer Xtreme 
Stars Cheer

 Dance/Pom Team
Performance/Competition Teams:

 Dance-team style dance, cheer dance and hip hop.  
Teams will perform at various community events and competitions.   
A performance costume is required for performances/competitions. 
Stars Xtreme Dance Team



Essential training in the art of ballet dance in a recreational atmosphere.   
Pre-ballet through Pointe. Leotards, tights and pink ballet shoes should be worn to class.  Hair should be pinned up away from the face (bun, braid, ponytail).  Ballet skirts may be worn.  Boys should wear t-shirts and sweatpants. 
Combo Ballet/Tap for pre-schoolers/tiny tots through Contemporary/Lyrical for Level 3 dancers!


Essential training in jazz dance, body movement and balance. 
Beginning jazz through advanced.  Classes range from Broadway, modern, and lyrical jazz.  Leotards, t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops; most any “movable” top and jazz pants, shorts, or sweat suits may be worn.    Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers are required. 


Introduction and expansion in the art of tap.  Any type of comfortable clothing may be worn.  Tap shoes are required.  Combo Tap/Ballet classes for preschoolers/tiny tots!

 Hip Hop:

 Introduction to Hip Hop style dance. 
Old School through the current trends.
Loose fitting clothing. 
Hip Hop will be competing at various regional competitions!


Development of strength, flexibility and gymnastics skills through floor tumbling.  T-shirts, shorts or sweats are required dress. 

Musical Theater:
Coming Soon

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